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Projects for 2023
Call for proposals

Call for proposals by Hanns Seidel Foundation India for projects of development cooperation in India (incl. South Asia) starting January 2023.

About this Call

This is a call for proposals by Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung India for projects of development cooperation in India (incl. South Asia) for January to December 2023.

Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung India (HSS) is a German foundation engaged in political development cooperation, supporting cooperation and development in the areas mentioned below. It has liaison offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru and supports local projects on any impact level.

Only projects of the work areas mentioned below can be taken into account. The geographical area can be pan-India, local or regional. For state-level and local projects, please consider Karnataka. In all projects, policy-level impact is encouraged.

Any entity registered in South Asia or India with a valid FCRA registration can apply.

Areas of work

Your project must clearly cover one of the following areas:

  1. Promoting effective federal governance
    (Resource and water federalism, good governance / local governance and improved decentralised structures, effective inter-state and centre-state relations)
  2. Fostering Regional Dialogue/Cooperation between India, South Asia/ Southeast Asia and Europe
    (Political exchange, strengthening regional cooperation, promotion of cooperative dialogue et al.)
  3. Strengthening the Indian Criminal Justice System
    (Equitable access to justice & rights, citizen-friendly policing, legal empowerment for women & youth, witness protection, para-legal support, positive mental health for police)
  4. Improvement of Water management and environmental protection
    (Environment protection, sustainable agriculture, increased urban sustainability, improved government response to Climate Change, implementation of Integrated Water Resource Management)

Supported types of activity

No type of activity or format is excluded; combinations are welcome. The following list gives examples of formats HSS has funded in the past. The inclusion of modern formats is encouraged.

  • Workshops, trainings
  • Round table discussions, conferences, online seminars et al.
  • Printed or digital information material (newsletters/blogs/vlogs, podcasts, movies, comics, flyers, plays)
  • Competitions, gamification, interactive plays, mock assemblies
  • Studies, scientific publications 
  • Social enterprise concepts
  • Software, apps, websites, exchange/ learning platforms


Only a limited number of proposals can be approved for 2023, depending on the available budget. All proposals will be measured by equal standards.

Your proposal must be handed in latest by 18 September 2022, regardless of the start date of the proposed activities. You will get queries and feedback in three weeks’ time.


Please follow the proposed format and do not exceed 4 pages. Any graphics or presentations to illustrate your project’s theory of change / impact may be attached separately. Proposals not following the format cannot be considered.

The format can be found here:

Proposal Format


Please focus on the idea, keeping a cost-efficient realisation in mind. After your proposal has been shortlisted, we will ask you to draft a budget.

Smaller budgets can increase the chance of acceptance. Flat institutional fees cannot be borne by HSS

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is 18 September 2022.

Please e-mail your proposal(s) to or your responsible HSS Programme Manager. Kindly observe the same for any queries.