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Hanns Seidel Foundation India bids farewell to Mr. Volker Plän and welcomes new Resident Representative

We are pleased to announce Ms. Ines Budarick as the new Resident Representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation India.


On November 10, we hosted an evening farewell reception in Bangalore for her predecessor Mr. Volker Lennart Plän, who held the position for the past six years. The event was attended by many representatives of HSF India’s partners, who shared personal stories of their collaboration with Mr. Plän and appreciated the support he had given during his tenure. In his farewell remarks, Mr. Plän also expressed his admiration for the passion with which our partners carry out their development projects.

We wish Mr. Plän all the best for his future endeavors and look forward to Ms. Budarick’s leadership in carrying out the foundation’s work. 

About Ms. Ines Budarick

Ms. Ines Budarick has more than a decade of experience in international relations and development cooperation. She holds a master’s degree in Political Science & Language and Culture of Modern India from the University of Hamburg. Her main interests are democracy, human rights, peace and security.

Ms. Budarick spent several years living and working in Nepal, which gave her extensive exposure to South Asia. During her time as the representative of the South Asia Office of a German NGO in Kathmandu, she worked on development projects in India and Bangladesh in the field of safe migration, anti-human trafficking, and human rights. Throughout her career, Ms. Budarick held several managerial and expert roles in international NGOs and governmental organizations, and she worked as a freelance researcher, consultant, and monitoring officer.

With her management experience and her background knowledge of the region, she is looking forward to her new role at HSF India and to working with the foundation's partners in many exciting projects. 

To get in touch with Ms. Budarick, please send an email to Budarick-I(at)