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Panel Discussion
Russia-Ukraine War: What lies ahead?

Hanns Seidel Foundation organised on 12th May 2022 a panel discussion on the Russia Ukraine War at Bangalore International Centre. Read more about its outcomes.

Participants listening to the speakers

Participants listening to the speakers

The goal of the discussion was to understand the economic and security implications caused by the war for the world and India in particular. Lt. Gen. C. A. Krishnan, former deputy Chief of Indian Army and Mr. Achim Burkart, the Consul General from Germany to Karnataka and Kerala, were the speakers at the event, who presented their military and diplomatic perspectives respectively on the ongoing war and ensuing military and non-military challenges.

Both the speakers presented differing viewpoints on the origin of the conflict. Almost unanimously, they called for going beyond media narrative and making people more aware of the war consequences based on the facts on ground.

It was an interactive and engaging discussion. Interesting questions were asked by the participants who were primarily diplomatic community members, students, and NGO members. 

The main takeaways were as follows:

  • Sovereignty of a country should be respected. Its free will to chart its future should not be undermined by another country on a pretext.
  • The fear of NATO expansion cannot legitimize waging a war against a sovereign nation. Russia should recede and the war must stop now.
  • The war has created a dire humanitarian situation.
  • From economy, energy to food security, all stand badly affected due to the lasting war. India sees itself already affected.
  • If the war continues blocking the food supply, it may result in a collapse of the global food system.   
  • Amid war, the safety of nuclear facilities causes concerns.
  • It is acting as a catalyst for a competitive acquisition of military capabilities.
  • The war has led to a resetting of the geostrategic choices of the nations around the world. 
  • Climate action is jeopardized and the efforts to achieve SDGs have taken a back seat.
  • Efforts should be made to end the war through dialogues and peaceful means.