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Young South Asia Network (YSAN) 2022
Young Leaders for a Sustainable Urban Future

Apply now for the latest initiative by Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) to support young and promising future leaders from South Asia: YSAN gives the opportunity to engage with global counterparts and enable them to shape the future. Deadline: 24th May 2022.

About YSAN

HSF India is pleased to co-organize the latest HSF Asia initiative for future leaders: in order to gain an understanding of different perspectives in society and politics, young stakeholders from science, politics, media and administration are enabled to engage with their South Asian and global counterparts.

YSAN includes online workshops, international study trips, and alumni meetings for South Asian Young Leaders.

YSAN 2022: Urban Development in India and South Asia

Over the last two decades, demographic and economic changes have transformed cities and urban spaces to become the principal habitat of humankind. South Asia’s urban population grew by 130 million between 2001 and 2011, and is about to rise by almost 250 million by 2030.[1] The cities of the world's emerging economies are increasingly drivers of global prosperity while the planet's resources are fast depleting. It is, therefore, more critical than ever to recognize the importance of a sustainable urbanization for a liveable future and development. The UN's global Sustainable Development Goals highlight the importance of cities in SDG 11 to “make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.[2] India’s urban population has risen by more than 150 million since 1990 and is believed to grow by 500 million more by 2050 – this implies that almost 20% of the world’s new urban inhabitants between now and the middle of the century will be Indians.[3]

Young minds from South Asia play an important role as changemakers to aspire liveable urban spaces for the future. Climatic risks such as sea-level rise, rising temperatures, and extreme weather events will amplify the vulnerability of South Asian cities. Professionals and Experts in Communities, businesses, and local authorities play an essential role in developing and implementing national and city-level climate change strategies and socio-economic development. [4] To address collective and sustainable infrastructure, mobility, energy, housing, water, and waste management needs, committed professionals need to connect with each other and exchange best-practices. A multilateral exchange with experts and young professionals from Europe intends to stimulate a fruitful dialogue to find visions, ideas and solutions for common challenges.

Photo: Crowded Old Delhi seen from the Jama Masjid 

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For more details about YSAN, Urban Sustainability in 2022, eligibility criteria, application process and deadlines, please visit HSF Asia's YSAN website