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Youth Convention on Anti Human Trafficking

Indian Community Development Organisation (ICWO), with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation India, organized a one-day youth convention on Anti Human Trafficking on 28th July, 2023 at ICSA, Jivana Jyoti in Chennai. The convention was made possible through a joint effort by ICWO, District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Chennai and the Department of Labour, Government of Tamil Nadu. 

This powerful convention aimed at creating awareness among college youth and community stakeholders about the dangers and threats of Human Trafficking, as well as the urgent need to take action. It brought together experts from various domains, including Law Enforcement Agencies, the Judiciary, the Labour Department, Child Rights Advocacy and Anti Human Trafficking experts, who generously contributed their expertise to make this initiative a resounding success. The convention was attended by 140 college students (members of Anti Human Trafficking Clubs), from 7 colleges (across 4 districts) and 25 esteemed professors.


 The convention was aligned with the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons and pursued the following objectives:

  • To inform young people about the dangers and threats that victims of human trafficking face, and what to do in case one gets in this situation.
  • To call young people to fight together against human trafficking, one of the most terrible crime that breaks fundamental human rights.
  • To inform young people of the legal basis of working abroad.
  • To express appreciation to those who work for victims of trafficking in different sectors identifying, supporting, counselling and seeking justice, and challenging the impunity of the traffickers.

Project Background

Human trafficking is a crime that violates the fundamental right to live a life of safety and dignity. It goes against the very principles our Constitution stands for. The cooperation between HSF and ICWO started in the year 2022 with the first project titled “Youth movement to address Human Trafficking and ensure child rights in Tamil Nadu” which created a huge impact in the state through the creation of Anti-Human Trafficking Clubs (AHTC) within colleges. The awareness program was initiated to reach out to young people with information on Anti Human Trafficking. With the support of local coordinating NGO partners, ICWO was able to establish 109 AHTCs across 34 districts in Tamil Nadu.