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A Case Study of Nonavinakere Irrigation Tank in Tumkur
Developing Sustainability Related Knowledge and Capability for Farmers:

  • 2022
  • Naik, Gopal ; Diwakar, P. G. ; Hazarika, Atanu ; Koppa, Nisha
  • Monografie/Band

Considering that the current water use efficiency is only 35% in agriculture, the sustainable use of irrigation water is a priority across India. Over the years, efforts have been devoted in formulating policies, and developing and adopting technologies with the primary objective of increasing water use efficiency. A case study of the Nonavinakere tank, in Tumkur district, has been conducted by IIM Bangalore to understand how the tank has been managed and how water use efficiency can be improved. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the study examined how the supply of and demand for water is currently managed and suggested measures to improve the water use efficiency.