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Focus Group Discussions during Training Workshop for Panchayat Members in HSS Project in Kerala

Focus Group Discussions during Training Workshop for Panchayat Members in HSS Project in Kerala; hss; hss


The activities of the foundation in India are an attempt to contribute towards sustainable development through capacity building aimed at supporting local governance, women empowerment, creating safety for women and children in urban and rural spaces, as well as environment protection and water conservation.

The foundation works with partner organisations primarily in the field of:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Political including Security & Civic Education
  • Capacity Building
  • Federalism

Depending upon the programme, the target group includes:

  • Marginalised sections of the society
  • Women from all walks of the society
  • Members of the NGOs and other representatives of the civic society
  • Staff members of the partners, local and regional administration
  • Decision makers in the Government

Together with the partners the foundation organises:

  • Practice-oriented workshops, seminars, regional and international conferences
  • Information exchange visits
  • Publishing Publications on different themes
  • Programmes on benchmarking for strengthening of Rural Local Self Government Institutions in India with CRRID.
  • Civic Education Programme for the underprivileged with SHAKTI.
  • Women empowerment & Civic education programmes with SIDART in rural and semi urban areas of Rajasthan:
    • by strengthening knowledge about right to information and other benefits related to women in the villages
    • through seminars cum exposure visits
    • by strengthening knowledge and skills of the village volunteers
    • orientation seminar on community participation for newly elected Sarpanchs (local head of the village)
  • Social Audit programmes with SIDART on community participation, women rights, civic systems and allied issues - Social Audit of the Agriculture Supervisor Office.
  • Programmes with YWCA of India to train and empower women in Civic Education and political participation as well as developing capacities on environmental issues, in order to build a new generation of leaders who will be responsible and protect the rights of all citizens and promote democratic principles of human dignity, equality and justice.